Thursday, September 14, 2006

from "Chugach Cannery Fires"
While the Truck Company crew was crawling around the dock, planning how to cut it in two, firefighters from both engine companies who were not already committed were sent under the dock. Lt Mark Kirko placed the guys under the dock where they stood waist to chest deep in the water and used the handlines supplied by the portable pumps to fight the creosote-pylon fire and hold it back from crawling up to under our feet. Later, my son Jason, told me how eerie it was when boats and forklifts would fall through the dock and splash in the water below creating wakes that would sometimes slurp up to their chins. He also said that oddly enough, they became used to the cold and no longer noticed it. I was able to change that approach after some time, when the tide receded a bit and we took control of the warehouse, in the meantime, we had to rotate crews under there to prevent hypothermia.