Thursday, September 14, 2006

from "Ryan Air Crash"
---Even if your disaster plan is flawless, a glitch in the plan of a related service could bottle-neck yours:
It was after dark in November 1987 when the fully loaded Ryan Air twin engine Beechcraft 1900, landing at Homer, Alaska, plowed through a hurricane fence, hit the ground 600 feet short and 250 feet left of the runway. The belly-skid sheared the seats from the floor and the sudden stop caused the 21 persons aboard to be piled atop each other in the front of the plane.
---The plane looked in tact as it sat on the snow and frozen ground. But the passengers, most of them high school students returning home from a basketball tournament, were still strapped to their seats, dead or dying. Chief Robert Purcell and his EMS
supervisor, Marge Tillion directed the firefighters and medics who managed to have all the occupants extricated in about 90 minutes. Only 7 were alive at that time. Four more were to die later.
The 7 survivors were taken to South Peninsula General Hospital