Friday, January 30, 2009


David L. Tyler, Alaska State Fire Marshal "In writing 'Fire and Ice: Tales from an Alaskan Volunteer Fire Chief' Chief Whetsell has done an incredible job of combining experience, wisdom and wit. It doesn't matter if you are a firefighter or Fire Chief, ditch digger or Executive VP of a major corporation, the insights in this book will help you to be better at whatever you do, especially if you already know everything..."

Anchorage Daily News "Whetsell recounts his adventures in an especially amusing voice.....bubbles with punchy remininiscence..."

Carol Reed, president, Alaska State Firefighters Association "Chief Whetsell's 'Fire and Ice' not only exudes his ever present wit and wisdom but it showcases what takes place in communities all across Alaska. The Alaskan fire service using their ingenuity and adaptability to respond in extraordinary ways to serve their fellow citizens ..."

Oil Company Executive Mike Williams "Just a few weeks after the Exxon Valdez accident I was sent up to Alaska by BP (British Petroleum) to work on a new oil spill response plan for the Prince William Sound. One of the places I visited to discuss these plans was Cordova. Everyone there was complaining about Alyeska and the oil companies and they were not very interested in plans for the future. Except Dewey; he was different. Instead of complaining he lectured me on the merits of the Incident Command System. I had never heard of ICS and thought he was crazy, but the next morning it dawned on me what he was saying and with his help we introduced ICS to the oil industry. It is now the standard organizational concept for most oil spill response plans as well as other disasters. Thanks, Dewey..." Williams is also a Master Mariner, Fellow of the Nautical Institute, Retired Vice President of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Alaska

Jill Fredston, author of "SnowStruck" and "Journeys Along the Arctic Edge" and winner of the 2002 National Outdoor Book Award "Dewey Whetsell spent half his lifetime responding to shipboard fires, blazing houses, car wrecks, medical emergencies, underwater incidents, and other disasters...he was the heart of the fire department."

The Muncie Star "Whetsell's contribution to the safety of mankind is legendary in Alaska."

American Fire Journal article "Fire Chief Dewey Whetsell is one of the finest small-town chiefs in the country".

Chief (ret.) Bud Rotroff, senior member of Alaska-DNR's Overhead Team "I love what he wrote about FEMA!"

Chief Sam Bunge, Petersburg (Ak) Fire Department "After reading it, I bought another 10 copies to give to my officers, because of the tactics and strategies in the book."